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Obesity Tests

Complete Hemogram

Includes: 24 Parameter

  • Absolute Basophils Count, Blood
  • Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood
  • Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood
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Includes: 2 Parameter

  • Average blood glucose
  • Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c)
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Lipid Profile

Includes: 9 Parameter

  • Cholesterol-Total, Serum
  • HDL / LDL Cholesterol Ratio
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Liver Function Test

Includes: 12 Parameter

  • A/G Ratio
  • Albumin, Serum
  • Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum
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Thyroid Profile-Total (T3, T4 & TSH Ultra-Sensitive)

Includes: 3 Parameter

  • T3, Total Tri Iodothyronine
  • T4, Total Thyroxine
  • TSH Ultra - sensitive
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Blood Glucose Fasting

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Blood Glucose Fasting
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Cholesterol-Total, Serum

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Cholesterol-Total, Serum
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HsCRP High Sensitivity CRP

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • HsCRP High Sensitivity CRP
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Obesity Tests

Obesity is a medical condition wherein a person\'s Body Mass Index (BMI) is equal to, or more than 30. BMI is a calculation of weight in relation to an individual's height. Obesity is not only a cosmetic concern, but a serious medical condition that can increase the risk of several illnesses including diabetes, cardiac issues, stroke, arthritis, fatty liver disease, and certain cancers. An Obesity Test can help you determine if you are suffering from obesity.

An Obesity Test might include various tests that can help in assessing if you are obese and how severe your condition is, so that you are able to take the necessary steps. An Obesity Test does not necessarily have any blood tests involved, although your doctor may recommend some blood tests to check for any obesity related health risks.

An Obesity Profile Test might include a physical examination along with more accurate ways of measuring body fat and how it is distributed; some Obesity Blood Tests that a doctor may recommend alongside your Obesity Test are HbA1c Test, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, Thyroid Test, CRP etc.

Why Obesity Testing is important?

While Body Mass Index is widely used to assess if an individual is 'normal', overweight, or obese, it might not be a perfectly accurate metric to measure weight. The relationship between a person's body fat and BMI is influenced by factors like age, ethnicity, gender, and muscle mass. Additionally, BMI also doesn't make any distinction between excess fat, muscle, or bone mass; it also does not give any indication of the distribution of fat among individuals. Getting an Obesity Test in Gurgaon done is advisable to understand if you are actually at risk for complications related to obesity and how severe your condition is so that necessary treatment can be taken.

How Obesity is classified among adults who are at least 20 years old:

BMI         Class

  • 18.5 or under        underweight
  • 18.5 to <25.0        “normal” weight
  • 25.0 to <30.0         overweight
  • 30.0 to <35.0        class 1 obesity
  • 35.0 to <40.0        class 2 obesity
  • 40.0 or over        class 3 obesity (also known as morbid, extreme, or severe obesity)

Obesity is becoming quite common in the country, and even children are at risk of this serious medical condition. Hence, it is advisable to get a complete assessment through an Obesity Test in your Faridabad.

How Obesity Test is performed?

There is no single test that can help in diagnosing obesity. Measuring the BMI of a person is usually the first step in making a diagnosis. If an individual's BMI index is 30 or higher it is advisable to get other, more accurate measurements of body fat done to understand if the individual is actually obese, and, if so, then how severe his/her condition is and what the course of action should be. An Obesity Test might include some of the following health assessments:

  • Skin fold thickness tests
  • Waist to hip comparison
  • Ultrasounds, CAT scans or MRIs

Some Obesity Blood Tests that can be done alongside, to assess obesity related health risks:

  • Cholesterol Test
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Liver Function Test
  • Thyroid Test

If a person is suffering from obesity then they may be at risk for the following diseases, however, to make an accurate diagnosis, getting an Obesity Test in Gurgaon is advisable.

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancers like breast, colon, endometrial
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Fatty liver disease

Obesity generally occurs when an individual consumes more calories than he/she expends. But, there may be other reasons as well; usually the condition is treated by making lifestyle changes, in case, a person is unable to lose weight after such changes, medical help can be availed.