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Sleeplessness Tests

Healthians Basic Health Checkup
1630.00     799.00

Includes: 38 Parameter

  • Calcium Total, Serum
  • Complete Hemogram
  • Liver Function Test
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Complete Hemogram
999.00     400.00

Includes: 24 Parameter

  • Absolute Basophils Count, Blood
  • Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood
  • Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood
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999.00     430.00

Includes: 2 Parameter

  • Average blood glucose
  • Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c)
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Iron Studies
1999.00     885.00

Includes: 3 Parameter

  • Iron, Serum
  • TIBC
  • Transferrin Saturation
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Lipid Profile
1999.00     720.00

Includes: 9 Parameter

  • Cholesterol-Total, Serum
  • HDL / LDL Cholesterol Ratio
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Thyroid Profile-Total (T3, T4 & TSH Ultra-Sensitive)
600.00     299.00

Includes: 3 Parameter

  • T3, Total Tri Iodothyronine
  • T4, Total Thyroxine
  • TSH Ultra - sensitive
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Blood Glucose Fasting
499.00     199.00

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Blood Glucose Fasting
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Cholesterol-Total, Serum
499.00     150.00

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Cholesterol-Total, Serum
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TSH Ultra - Sensitive
999.00     330.00

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • TSH Ultra - Sensitive
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Sleeplessness Tests

Good quality sleep is one of the most important factors of good health. While usually people ignore sleep or are willing to sacrifice it, good sleep is as important as nutritious food and physical activity in keeping a person fit and healthy. Poor quality sleep or sleeplessness can have a variety of negative effects on an individual. Sleeplessness or sleeping difficulty is a case where a person is unable to sleep well at night, it could be that it may be hard for the person to fall asleep or they wake up many times at night. Sleeping difficulties impact both the mental and physical health of a person.

Most people might experience sleeplessness at some point in their lives; however, it may be a cause for concern if it is a regular issue. If you feel that you are not able to sleep well or have trouble sleeping, then getting an Insomnia Test is advisable to assess the underlying cause. An Insomnia Test includes tests that help in looking for the reason why you are not sleeping well; these include tests like Lipid Test, Blood Sugar Test, Iron Studies Test, Thyroid Test, etc. In the Insomnia Test, a sample is taken by the phlebotomist and sent to the lab to perform specific tests.

Some reasons why sleeping difficulties occur in adults are:

  • Aging
  • Caffeine Consumption
  • Too much stimulation before bedtime
  • Lack of exposure to sunlight
  • Thyroid issues
  • Iron Deficiency leading to Restless leg syndrome
  • Frequent urination
  • Why Insomnia Testing is important?

    Insomnia or sleeplessness can impact a person's life profoundly. Usually, dealing with sleeplessness on a regular basis can lead to multiple issues like frequent headaches, lack of concentrations, fatigue, feeling sleepy during the day, etc. Lack of concentration can severely impact your job performance or ability to drive or do any work that requires focus. Getting an Insomnia test can help in assessing what the root cause for your sleeping trouble is. While some reasons might be relatively harmless and can be corrected by self-care and lifestyle changes, others may require medical attention

    Some health risks due to lack of sleep are:

    • Weight Gain
    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Slower metabolism
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Depression
    • Weakened immune function
    • Inflammation

    How Insomnia Test is performed?

    While there is no one specific Insomnia Test that looks for the signs of sleeplessness, there are tests that a doctor may recommend, determining what the underlying reasons are. Generally, as a first step, the doctor may do a physical exam and also check with you for other symptoms and subsequently recommend an Insomnia Test in Faridabad. Such a test would include a Lipid Test, Blood Sugar Test, Iron Studies Test, Thyroid Test, etc. and others as recommended by the doctor. All these tests are blood tests where the phlebotomist will collect samples of blood from you which are sent to the lab to test for the specific parameter.